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"Marshal Hilton's performance as Mark Heim is a level of acting the general public hardly ever gets to see at the Multi-Plex Theater" Mike Skurko, August 2008, Dead Channels Film Festival
"A Gothic Tale is over-the-top, old-school, and bone chilling, and it will haunt you long after you exit the theater" Mike Skurko, August 2008, Dead Channels Film Festival
"...This movie is a wild, emotional ride, a mash-up inspired by three classic gothic stories... a screaming nightmare about choices and how they torture you and the ones you love..." Jason Watches Movies @, 2008
"A Gothic Tale"...was absolutely amazing. Everything about the look of this film was absolutely gorgeous. The set design was incredibly well done, and the look of the entire film was just beautiful. Visually, this film was just stunning..." Rogue Cinema, April 2009
"...A Gothic Tale is one of those films that exemplify what independent cinema can be with the right amount of work, talent and financing..." Rogue Cinema, April 2009
"...A very interesting and complex intertwining story"..."a direct descent into madness into madness that really messes with your head..." Obscure Horror, April 2009
"...Writer/director Justin Paul Ritter has crafted one hell of a flick in Tale, intertwining four people's lives so virtually seamlessly, that it is almost unfair oversimplify the plot to just one word. Yet, at the end of the day, it is about their greed, their dreams, and their choices..." Horror Talk, August 2009
"...A Gothic Tale is not a movie that can be watched just once..." Horror Talk, August 2009
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A Gothic Tale

Imagine if you will, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Robert Louis Stevenson sitting around a table drinking and doing what eccentric artists of the day did. And as they partied and bantered like rock stars, they began to formulate a twisted story of coincidence, betrayal, love and personal choice based on Poe's "The Tale-Tale Heart", Hawthorne's "Dr. Heideggers Experiment", and Stevenson's "Markheim".

A hellish journey into the darkest place in your soul where every choice and decision you make is fraught with life and death ramifications. How far would one go to achieve happiness? Is life worth living at the expense of another? How blind can ambition be? Can humanity be saved by sacrificing humanity altogether? Can we save ourselves from ourselves? Or is there no hope left in spiritual dignity?

A GOTHIC TALE is a haunting story that examines emotional greed and personal choice, while challenging one's own sense of good judgment, morality, love, and human ethics. Three twisted and tortured souls forever linked by their ties to an unnamed Stranger, at the mercy of one another and the compromises they made to prove their love, remembered by a haunted and dedicated host who narrates their tale from just outside the abandoned building where they lived for many years.