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Primal Rage

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as "BD" in Patrick Magee’s Adventure Thriller "PRIMAL RAGE"


Marshal Hilton Stars as the the enigmatic billionaire space entrepreneur "Alexander Biggs” in Asif Akbar’s Sci-Fi Adventure Drama Feature “ASTRO”

The Debt Collector

Marshal Hilton supporting as “Priest” in Jesse Johnson’s Action Drama Feature “The Debt Collector" 

The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as "Major Eugene Cahill" in the Animation WWII Epic Feature "The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company"

The Perfect Weapon

Marshal Hilton Supporting in the Sci-Fi Futuristic Action Thriller "The Perfect Weapon"

The Raking

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as "James" in the Desert Thriller Feature Film "The Raking"

Executive Protection

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as Billionaire Matthew Travis, in Olivier Gruner's Dramatic Action Feature Film "Executive Protection"

Ditch Party

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in Rocky Costanzo's Teen Drama Thriller "Ditch Party", as the domineering, disillusioned, ball busting History Professor "Mr. Richards"


Marshal Hilton Supporting as "Bishop" in the Coming of Age Road Drama "Monumental"

120/80: Stressed to Kill

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars with Armand Assante & Bill Oberst Jr. as the lovable, albeit disillusioned, "Stan Kelly" in Mark Savage's Black Comedy Thriller "120/80: Stressed to Kill"

The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as the voice of "Major Cahill", with Horror Icons Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder and John Dugan, in Director Bobby Easley’s WWII Action Epic "The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company”.

I am Alone

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as CDC Scientist “Dr. Marlow”, in the Zombie Apocalyptic Drama Thriller “I AM ALONE”.

In The Name Of God

Marshal Hilton Supporting as "Reverend Hugh Fields" alongside John Ratzenberger, Robyn Lively, and Eric Roberts, in the faith Based Family Drama "In The Name of God", for Danny Roth's Parkside Pictures.

Bunnyman 3

Marshal Hilton reprises his Supporting Role as the Kick Ass, Hard Boiled Law Man "Sheriff Clint Baxter", in Carl Lindbergh's Horror Thriller Franchise "Bunnyman 3".

Teeth & Blood

Marshal Hilton Supporting as "Mayor Harvey Wright" in the Vampire Fantasy Thriller Feature Film "Teeth & Blood"

Shine On Hollywood Magazine

Marshal Hilton Interviewed on Shine On Hollywood Magazine by Cameron Jane.


Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as "Elliot Dural" in the Martial Arts Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Series "Clandestine"

False Colors

Marshal Hilton Supporting in William Norton's Political Thriller "False Colors"

Bunnyman 2

Marshal Hilton Supporting as "Sheriff Clint Baxter" in Carl Lindbergh's Horror Thriller Feature Film "The Bunnyman Massacre"


Marshal Hilton Supporting as the voice of the "Story Teller", in Saeed Khoze's Award Winning Dramatic Feature Film "Virginity".

Fatal Instinct

Marshal Hilton Narrates and Produces Robert W. Walker's Investigation Murder Mystery Thriller "Fatal Instinct": The Instinct Series, Book 2

A Gothic Tale

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as "Mark Heim" in Justin Paul Ritter's Gothic Fantasy Horror Thriller "A Gothic Tale"

Living Corpse

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as the voice of "Asteroth", in Justin Paul Ritter's Animated Zombie Adventure Thriller "The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse"


Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in the Sci-Fi Fantasy Drama "FATE"