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“PRIMAL RAGE” Nationwide Theatrical Release - February 27th, 2018

Fathom Events in Partnership with Blue Fox Entertainment, AMC, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark Present “Primal Rage - Bigfoot Reborn” for a Nationwide Theatrical Release Check your local Theater Showing

Primal Rage Nationwide Theatrical Release

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in the Historical Adventure Series "LOST GOLD”

Marshal completed his Co-Starring Role as turn of the century treasure hunter and Author “John D. Mitchell”, in the Docudrama Series “LOST GOLD”, for IPC- Buckingham Television (History Channel)

Lost Gold

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in “FLICKS”

Marshal wrapped filming his Co-Starring Role as “Elan”, the powerful, foul mouthed, "Bull in a China Shop" Hollywood Talent Agent, in the Dramady Pilot “FLICKS”, for King Productions.

Elan with a bat

Marshal Hilton wraps his Cameo turn in Jesse Johnson’s Action Drama Feature "The Debt Collector"

Marshal wraps filming on Jesse Johnson's Action Drama Feature Film “The Debt Collector” with Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor, Tony Todd, Michael Pare. and Vladimir Kulich.

Priest and his angels

Indie Rights Movies Releases "Ditch Party" on Amazon Prime

You can catch Marshals Supporting Performance as the antagonistic and bitter high school teacher "Professor Richards" in the High School Drama "Ditch Party".

Ditch Party

Indie Rights Movies Releases "Monumental" on Amazon Prime

You can catch Marshals stirring performance as "Bishop", the alcoholic absentee father in the coming of age road trip film "Monumental", Starring Gary Cairns and Luke Albright , Produced by Mediaskare Pictures.

Moumental Still

"Stressed to Kill" sweeps the 2016 Melbourne Underground Film Festival

"Stressed to Kill", Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Armand Asante and Marshal Hilton sweeps the 2016 Melbourne Underground Film Festival winning: "Best International Film", "Best Director International Film", "Best Actor International Film", "Best Actress International Film" and "Best Cinematography".

Marshal Hilton wins "Outstanding Acting Performance"

Marshal Hilton wins "Outstanding Acting Performance" Award in a Feature Film, at the 2016 ZEDFEST Film Festival for the Suspense Thriller "The Raking", produced by Lesson 1 Entertainment.

Outstanding Acting Performance

Marshal Hilton signs to Co-Star with Gary Daniels in the Sci-Fi Action Adventure "Astro"

Hollywood, CA. - Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as "Alexander Biggs" a shadowy Billionaire Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Inventor, and Founder of Biggs Aerospace, a clandestine enterprise researching and developing the possibilities of life beyond earth. "Astro" cast also features Michael Pare', Louis Mandylor, Randy Wayne and Dominique Swain.

Co-Written by Director Asif Akbar and Bernard Selling, ASTRO is set to begin filming in Los Angeles and Bangladesh in April 2016.

Marshal Hilton signs to Co-Star in Brian Avenet-Bradley's Supernatural Suspense Thriller "Echoes of Fear"

Hollywood, Ca. - Marshal Hilton will Co-Star as "David" in "Echoes of Fear". Written and Directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley, (GHOST OF THE NEEDLE, DARK REMAINS, MALIGNANT), Echoes begins filming in Los Angeles April 2016.

Marshal Hilton signs to Co-Star in the Period Drama "Nothing Like The Sun".

Hollywood, Ca. - Marshal Hilton joins an ensemble cast Co-Starring as "Dr. Veal", the widowed, austere patriarch of a devoutly religious family. Based on the highly controversial 1892' Murder of Lillie Johnson by her then lover Alice Mitchell, and subsequent Murder trial, the story "Misfit Affection: The Strange Case of Alice Mitchell", upended moral and sexual constructs in a time when family and community were beholden to strict religious pressures of conformity.

Marshal Hilton wraps filming on "Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah"

Hollywood, Ca. - Marshal Hilton Co-Stars as "BD" in Patrick Magee's Bigfoot Action Thriller "Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah".

Marshal Hilton

"The Perfect Weapon" Wrapped

Marshal wrapped filming his Supporting Role in the Action Sci-Fi Thriller "The Perfect Weapon", Starring Steven Seagal, \Richard Tyson & Sasha Jackson, Directed by Titus Paar, Produced by VMI Worldwide.

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in "The Raking"

Marshal completed filming in Joshua Tree, his Co-Starring Role as "James", an emotionally embattled desert hunter, in the Horror Thriller Feature Film "The Raking", for Lesson1 Entertainment.

Marshal Hilton

Marshal wraps on "The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company"

Hollywood, Ca. - Marshal completed recording for his Voice Over performance as "Major Cahill", Co-Starring with Horror Icons Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder and John Dugan, on Director Bobby Easley's Animation WWII Epic "The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company".

Marshal Hilton Marshal Hilton

"DITCH PARTY" World Premier

Hollywood, Ca. - Marshal Hilton attending the Red Carpet World Premier of the Dramatic Teen Thriller "Ditch Party" at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, Ca. Marshal Co-Stars as "Professor Richards", a disgruntled, bitter, chastising High School teacher hell bent on dumping his professional misery onto his unwelcoming students.

Marshal Hilton World Premier Marshal Hilton World Premier

Executive Protection

Hollywood, Ca. - In October 2014 Marshal wrapped his Co-Starring Role as Billionaire "Matthew Travis" in Olivier Gruner's Action Thriller Feature Film "Executive Protection". Olivier Gruner Directs and Co-Stars as "Max Weber".

Marshal Hilton in Executive Protection

Marshal Hilton Supporting in "Ditch Party"

In September, Marshal completed filming his Supporting Lead Role in Rocky Costanzo's Teen Drama Thriller "Ditch Party", as the domineering, disillusioned, ball busting History Professor "Mr. Richards".

Marshal Hilton in Ditch Party

Marshal Hilton Supporting in "False Colors"

Hollywood, Ca. - Marshal completed filming on William Norton's Political Thriller "False Colors", Supporting as "Buck"

Marshal Hilton in False Colors

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in "120/80: Stressed to Kill"

Hollywood Ca. - Marshal Hilton wrapped filming his Co-Starring Role as the conflicted, lovable manchild "Stan Kelly" in the Dark Comedy Thriller "120/80: Stressed to Kill". Co-Written by Tom Parnell and Mark Savage, Directed by Mark Savage, "120/80: Stressed to Kill" Co-Stars Armand Assante, Bill Oberst Jr. and Marshal Hilton.

Marshal Hilton in 120/80

Marshal Hilton Supporting in "Bunnyman 3"

Hollywood Ca. - Marshal reprised his Supporting Role as the hard boiled law man "Sheriff Clint Baxter", in Carl Lindbergh's Psychological Horror Thriller "Bunnyman 3"

Marshal Hilton in Bunnyman 3

Marshal Hilton Supporting in Series "Resolved"

Hollywood Ca. - Marshal wrapped filming his Supporting Role as the no nonsense "Judge Lewis" in the Dramady Pilot "Resolved", for Natasha Ward, Dara Sanderson, Katrina Nelson & Nzingha Stewart.

Marshal Hilton in Resolved

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in "I Am Alone"

Hollywood Ca. - Marshal completed filming his Co-Starring Role as CDC Scientist "Dr. Marlow" in Abstract Forces zombie apocalyptic adventure drama "I Am Alone", alongside Gareth David-Lloyd and Gunner Wright

Marshal Hilton in I Am Alone

Marshal Hilton Supporting in "Monumental"

Hollywood Ca, - Marshal wrapped his Supporting Role in the Independent Coming of age Drama "Monumental", with Gary Cairns & Luke Albright, Directed by Scott Hansen, for Digital Thunderdome Productions.

Marshal Hilton in Monumental

Marshal Hilton Supporting "In the Name of God"

Hollywood Ca. - Marshal completed filming his Supporting Lead Role as "Reverend Hugh Fields", in the Faith Based Feature Film "In the Name of God", alongside John Ratzenberger, Robyn Lively & Eric Roberts, for Danny Roth's Parkside Pictures.

Marshal Hilton in In The Name Of God

Marshal Hilton Stars in "Vilified"

Hollywood, Ca. - Marshal wrapped filming his Starring Role as the duplicitous Criminal Defense Attorney "Charles Reily", in the Psychological Crime Drama "Vilified"

Marshal Hilton in Vilified

Marshal Hilton Co-Stars in "Clandestine"

Hollywood Ca. - Marshal completed filming his Co-Starring Role in the Sci-Fy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure Series "Clandestine", for Epic Rival and the Thousand Pounds Pounds Action Company.

Marshal Hilton in Clandestine