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The story of an Iranian girl from a religious family, a European call girl, and a Russian girl. Due to a prearranged marriage set up by her parents, Raha is forced to deal with and endure some very difficult and life-altering events.

"Virginity" was made for women of Muslim faith in the Middle East who have become the sacrificial lambs of honor killings; women whose voices have been choked behind thousands of years of oppression. These women suffer at the hands of a false pride, an inflated bravado, and often die silent deaths buried by bribes and insufficient fines of a corrupt government.

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These women need films like "Virginity", so they can fall in love without fear, and can experience the joys of womanhood without the terror of persecution. "Virginity" does not aim to single out at any particular culture or people; it poignantly and artistically draws attention to an antiquated epidemic of small-mindedness and control, which haunts women of the world to this day. Honor killings, rape, prostitution and sexual trafficking are a few of the crises affecting the 3 leading characters at the heart of "Virginity".